Which Toothbrush is Best?

To maintain healthy gums and teeth, we should brush our teeth for 2-3 minutes at least twice a day. With proper technique (brush all tooth surfaces at the proper angles), a conventional manual toothbrush provides good results. However, because not every one of us is proficient at manual brushing (especially children), an electric toothbrush is likely to serve us better to help maintain good dental health. The latest generation of rotary-style electric toothbrushes tends to do a better job than the older models that feature simple back-and-forth motion. Sub-categories include “sonic” toothbrushes, which vibrate at ultra-high speeds, and “oscillating/pulsating” rotary toothbrushes, which move at higher rates. These higher-speed brushes may enhance the cleaning effect, but proper technique is critical whatever brush is used.


P.S. Studies have provided a good amount of clinical evidence that rotary electric toothbrushes are superior to manual tooth brushing with regard to plaque removal and reduction in gingivitis (gum inflammation).


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