Two Minutes of Your Time

Of all the ways you spent two minutes in a day, brushing your teeth might be one of the most important. A daily minimum two-minute brush is all it takes to keep most bacteria-laden plaque from damaging your teeth. Studies show that the typical American brushes for just 37 seconds on average. This inadequate brushing time results in teeth that still have some plaque left on them, leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of problems.

If the milky buildup of plaque is not removed from the teeth each day with brushing, it produces toxins that cause bloody gums and bad breath. In time, the bacteria in plaque will pull the gums away from the teeth to form pockets that fill with more plaque to cause trouble ever nearer to the bone. Rather than neglecting your teeth and facing major problems in the future, you can prevent damage with just two minutes of brushing each day. It is a small price to pay to maintain the long term health of your teeth.

Oral Hygiene is simple and easy. Now is the best time to take care of your teeth!

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