Dental Fillings: Metallic vs. Composite Resin

While amalgam (silver) dental fillings have been around since the 1800s, they are fast losing ground to tooth-colored composite resin dental fillings. The most obvious reason for the switch to plastic dental resin has its basis in aesthetics. In the eyes of increasing numbers of patients, it’s far more preferable to have a filling material that nearly matches the color of their teeth, rather than a metallic filling that stands in dark contrast to white teeth. On top of that, composite dental resin actually bonds to the crown of the tooth to create a solid tooth structure. Amalgam, on the other hand, merely fills the cavity, allowing seepage around the “silver” filling over time, which can lead to decay.  The pictures on the right show the dramatic change we can get in one short visit!

Considering your options for dental fillings, inlays, and onlays? Visit our Inlays and Onlays Page for more information.

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