Crowning Achievement


When the visible portion of a tooth becomes so decayed or damaged that replacement is required, the dentist will fabricate a “crown” to restore functionality to the tooth. Traditionally, this procedure has involved removing the tooth’s damaged crown, Taking impression (upon which the new crown will be constructed), fitting a temporary crown, and cementing the permanent crown in place. Recent CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design/manufacturing technology) has made it possible to bypass the impression-making step.

It allows for the creation of a permanent crown by using a computerized image to create a restoration through a milling chamber that cuts the tooth-like ceramic material into a precise replica of the image.  When this procedure is done in the office, no impression is necessary.  The benefit to our patients is that we can create a crown for them in just one visit!

If this technology, of chair-side CAD/CAM, is located in the dental office there will be no need for a temporary crown or return visit for the final cementation.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the best dental care in a supportive relaxed environment.

Crowning Achievement

Milling Chamber

Our work is enriched by our staff’s commitment to ongoing education, use of the highest quality materials and technologies and respect for out patient’s active participation in optimal health decision-making.

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We offer Gentle Dentistry in a Caring Atmosphere.


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What are Dental Bridges?


Partial Denture

Over the years I have come to realize that the terms dental professionals use to describe things have a different meaning to my patients then they do to me.  Dental Bridge is one of those terms.  When a patient hears bridge they picture teeth that come out like the ones on the right.

With all the metal and hooks it looks a little like a fishing lure.  That is a lot of hardware to hold in your mouth to replace just two teeth.  This is NOT a bridge , it is actually a removable partial denture.  A lot of old timers will call this bridge work.  The features that most patients say they do not like is that it’s not permanent, you must remove it to clean it and it shows a lot of ugly metal when they talk or smile.


When I say bridge, I am referring to the picture on lower right.

Bridge - Sleek Natural Looking

Dental Bridge

The difference here is that the teeth are sleek natural looking and do not have any metal that shows.  I know that patients like these because we cement them in, so they are permanent and very cosmetic.  At my practice we try not to confuse you with technical terms, however with so many new and emerging technologies in dentistry and medicine it is a good idea to ask questions to make sure you and your doctor mean the same thing when you are talking. We can show you a picture, let you handle a model or play you an animation to help explain things better.


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